Personality: People-oriented, loyal, and intelligent. Affectionate and very active. Retains the feral look of felis lybica, ancestor of all domestic cats. Many can be trained to walk on leashes and to retrieve. Stands well off the ground, giving the impression of being on tip toe. History: Cats exhibited at a show in England in the […]


General Description : Acepromazine is commonly used in dogs and cats as a sedative and as a pre-anesthetic agent. It may be used to prevent vomiting, alleviate various behavior issues, reduce itching and more. This medication should only be given to the pet which it was prescribed. Acepromazine is available in 5 mg, 10 mg […]


Feline acne is caused by comedones, or blackheads, on the cat’s chin.  Stress, poor grooming habits, immune suppression, and contact dermatitis can be triggers for acne.  Comedones form when oils produced in the skin cannot drain properly through the sebaceous and apocrine glands.  The ducts fill with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria.  The cat […]

Acupuncture in Veterinary Medicine
Administering Ear Medications

Ear infections are common in dogs and cats.  Opportunistic bacteria and yeast can quickly invade an ear canal that becomes inflamed by allergies, excess moisture, and changes in pH.  Swimming and bathing are often triggers that encourage growth of microorganisms in the ear canal.  Symptoms of an ear infection include odor and discharge from the […]

Administering Eye Medications

Our pets can get eye infections and injuries just like we can, perhaps more often because of their curious nature getting them into trouble at times.  Some breeds are predisposed to eye problems because of their facial anatomy.  It is very important to have any irritated eye checked out by the veterinarian because eyes can […]

Administering Medications to Cats
Administering Medications to Your Cat
Administering Medications to Your Dog
Adrenal Gland Disease – Cushing’s

Cushing’s disease (hyperadrenocorticism) is a condition where too much cortisol exists in the body.  Long term exposure to increased levels of cortisol leads to many deteriorative effects on all parts of the body.  Cushing’s is generally a dog disease, occurring in cats only very rarely. Cortisol is a normal hormone produced by the adrenal glands.  […]