Cat Breeds


Personality: Extremely intelligent, affectionate, social, and deeply bonded to their family. Energetic, interactive, and entertaining. They will follow their person from room-to-room to be with them. Perfect end-of-the-day lap kitty. Prefer to have a companion if left alone all day. Usually insist on sleeping under the covers. History: The Burmese is an established breed.  The […]


Personality: Dog-like in their devotion and behavior. Sensitive and supportive to their humans. Despite bulk, these cats love to perform aerial acrobatics. Some are voiceless. History: Legend states that this cat rounded Cape Horn with Crusaders returning to France.  The cats took residence in the monastery of the Carthusian monks during the 17th century.  The […]

Colorpoint Shorthair

Personality: Fervent desire to be loved. Active, inquisitive, intelligent, and vocal. History: In the late 1940’s, breeders crossed Siamese cats with American Shorthairs, British Shorthairs and Abyssinians in order to create a cat of Siamese type while adding to the spectrum of point colors.  Siamese purists in the Cat Fanciers’ Asscociation (CFA) blocked the acceptance […]

Cornish Rex

Personality: Devoted, active, and highly intelligent. Loving companions for people and dogs. Known to be excellent jumpers. Enjoy grooming their human companions. History: In 1950, a curly-coated, cream-colored kitten was born in a litter of otherwise normal-coated barn cats in Cornwall, England.  The owner of the litter, assumed the coat was the result of a […]

Cymric (Longhaired Manx)

Personality: Intelligent and playful without being high strung. Retain kitten like personality into adulthood. Tend to be one-person only cats. Reserved around strangers. History: The Cymric (kim-rick) is a longhaired mutation resulting from purebred Manx parents.  Although longhaired Manx have always appeared in Manx litters, it was only recently that breeders have attempted to have […]

Devon Rex

Personality: Intelligent and curious. Playful, active, and very affectionate. Reported to enjoy eating asparagus, grapes, and cantaloupe. Wag their tails when happy. Have large vocabulary of cat sounds. History: In 1960, a natural mutation caused British barn cats to produce kittens with soft wavy coats, elf-like faces and over-sized ears.  The Rex gene that causes […]

Egyptian Mau

Personality: Extremely intelligent, loyal, active, and devoted. Sociable and affectionate, but can be aloof with strangers. Only natural breed of domestic spotted cat. Frequently express happiness by chortling and wiggling their tails while treading with their forepaws. Many have been known to defend their owners when necessary. History: One of the oldest breeds of domestic […]

Exotic Shorthair

Personality: Enjoy human companionship. Tranquil, quiet, and peaceful. History: Hybrid developed by crossing Persians with American Shorthairs in order to create an American Shorthair with a flatter face and bigger eyes.  In order to stop the crosses, Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) closed the American Shorthair registry and recognized the hybrid as a separate breed.  Breed […]

Havana Brown

Personality: Affectionate, gentle, and eager to please. Curious and enthusiastic to participate in household activities. Only breed in which the show standard specifies that whisker color must complement coat color. Frequently stand or sit with an elevated, outstretched paw. Enjoy carrying things in their mouths. Very loud purr. History: Originated in England in the early […]


Personality: Quiet, gentle, and passive. Playful as kittens, becoming more reserved as they mature. Make excellent companions for people and other pets. History: Breed is the result of efforts in the 1930’s to cross Siamese with Persians in order to understand the inheritance of the Siamese color-point gene.  Offspring were bred back to Persians to […]