Cat Breeds


Personality: Active, enthusiastic companions. Intelligent and enterprising. Some have an uncanny ability to use their paws like hands. Very adept at entertaining themselves. More tranquil than their Abyssinian relatives. History: At one time these cats were considered the undesirable result of a recessive gene that caused some Abyssinians to be born with long hair.  A […]


Personality: Intelligent, loyal, and loving. Sociable, but usually select one particular human as their own. History: Breed is the result of a spontaneous mutation of the gene related to hair.  The name for the cat was inspired from ancient Greek drawings of a mythical creature that resembles the cat.  First imports to the United States […]


Personality: Extremely intelligent, affectionate, and people-oriented. Very sociable and eager to participate in household activities. Known to enjoy riding on shoulders. History: Hybrid that is the result of crossings in the 1950’s between Burmese and Siamese in an effort to create a cat midway between the darker colors of the Burmese and the lighter colors […]

Turkish Angora

Personality: Intelligent and very affectionate. Good-natured and determined. Love aerial acrobatics and perching on high places. History: According to legend, Mohammed, founder of the Islamic faith, possessed a Turkish Angora.  Angoras found their way to Europe in the early 1600’s and were exported to America in the 1700’s.  The breed was used extensively in Persian […]

Turkish Van

Personality: Highly intelligent, independent, and loyal. Active and playful. Fascinated by water, some Vans enjoy swimming. History: Rare and ancient natural breed that developed in the Lake Van region of Turkish Armenia.  Considered as valuable treasures in their homeland.  In 1955, two English women traveling in Turkey obtained two pairs of Vans and began a […]