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Anal Glands

Many domestic dogs experience irritation and discomfort with their anal sacs. This condition, though relatively simple, can lead the pet and even the pet owner, through misery. In this handout, we will try to explore exactly what anal glands are and how they cause problems for our dogs. We will also look at the symptoms […]


Anemia is defined as a decrease in the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in circulation in the blood stream.  Red blood cells are comprised of hemoglobin, an iron-rich protein that delivers oxygen to tissues and organs.  Symptoms of anemia may be mild to life threatening depending on the degree of red blood cell depletion.  […]

Angular Limb Deformities

Angular limb deformities are either congenital (present at birth) or acquired (caused by disease that affects bone growth). The condition describes a deviation in the shape of the limb bones from what is considered normal. When present, the bones bow toward or away from the center of the foal’s midline as observed from the front […]


Anthrax is a very serious, often lethal, reportable disease that is caused by toxins produced by bacteria called Bacillus anthracis.  In most livestock, mass die-off may be the first indicator that anthrax has infected the herd; horses have a slight resistance to the effects of the toxins, so a sick horse may be seen before […]


The discovery of antibiotics has greatly extended the lifespan of people and their pets.  Without antibiotic therapy, a simple infection could overwhelm the immune system and cause death.  Despite this remarkable medical achievement, bacteria adapt continually to develop resistance to medications, and new generations of antibiotics must be discovered to fight resistant infections.  Indiscriminant use […]


Most people are familiar with arthritis and understand that it is caused by an inflammation of the joints. This is a disease that is more common in our dogs than in cats. Larger breed dogs or dogs that are overweight are at a higher risk for developing arthritis. There are multiple forms of arthritis including […]


Feline asthma is a relatively common ailment, affecting about 1% of cats. The disease closely resembles the same condition in humans. What Causes Asthma Asthma is triggered in susceptible cats by exposure to allergens or irritants. Common culprits include pollens, cigarette or fireplace smoke, various sprays, perfumes, deodorizers, carpet cleaners, and dust from cat litter. […]

Avoiding Heat Stroke

Heat stroke occurs when a dog or cat’s internal regulatory mechanisms cannot maintain a normal core temperature of 101 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.  When the core temperature rises above 105 degrees, all body systems begin failing rapidly.  This situation is truly an emergency and requires a pet owner’s quick intervention to expedite cooling and prevent […]

Barking Behavior

Barking is a natural reaction to stimuli. However, excessive barking can cause problems for some pet owners. Those individuals who live in close proximity to their neighbors, who need quiet or become frustrated with prolonged barking spurts may benefit from the tips below. These tips include information on understanding why your dog barks, how to […]

Biting Behavior in Puppies

Congratulations on bringing home your new puppy! A new puppy can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, along with the fun, often come some challenges for the new owners. One such challenge is a puppy that nips and bites. With the positive tips outlined below, training your puppy on proper social behavior can be […]