Breed Information

Turkish Van

Personality: Highly intelligent, independent, and loyal. Active and playful. Fascinated by water, some Vans enjoy swimming. History: Rare and ancient natural breed that developed in the Lake Van region of Turkish Armenia.  Considered as valuable treasures in their homeland.  In 1955, two English women traveling in Turkey obtained two pairs of Vans and began a […]


Other names/Nicknames: Hungarian Vizsla Country/Date of origin: Hungary 9th century Height: Females:  21 to 23 inches Males:  22 to 24 inches Weight: 48-1/2 to 66 pounds Personality: Affectionate with family and easygoing. Alert and watchful. Barks if aroused. Boundless energy. Not happy confined indoors. Intelligent but extremely headstrong. Can be difficult to housebreak. Very reserved […]


Other names/Nicknames: Gray Ghost Weimar Pointer Country/Date of origin: Germany Early 19th century Height: Females:  23 to 25 inches Males:  25 to 27 inches Weight: 70 to 86 pounds Personality: A one-family dog that is not friendly to strangers. Intelligent and assertive.  A combination that makes for difficulty in training. Can be rambunctious. Bubbles with […]

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Other names/Nicknames: Ci Llaathaid (meaning Yard Long Dog) Country/Date of origin: Great Britain 1200’s Height: 10 to 12 inches at shoulder Weight: 25 to 38 pounds Personality: Bright and alert, but only moderately active. Intelligent and very willing to please. Easily trained. However, the Corgi will train you with ease if you are not careful. […]

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Other names/Nicknames: Welsh Cocker Starter Country/Date of origin: Great Britain 1500’s Height: Females:  17 to 18 inches Males:  18 to 19 inches Weight: 35 to 45 pounds Personality: The merry ways of the spaniel are firmly fixed in this Welsh charmer. It is hard to resist the loving attention a Welsh Springer will lavish on […]

Welsh Terrier

Other names/Nicknames: Old English Terrier Black and Tan Wire Haired Terrier Country/Date of origin: Wales 1500’s Height: 14 to 15 inches Weight: 20 to 21 pounds Personality: Active and playful, the Welsh Terrier is a charmer. Very much a one-family dog. Less volatile than the Lakeland or the Wire Haired Fox Terrier.  The Welsh will […]

West Highland Terrier

Other names/Nicknames: Poltalloch Terrier Roseneath Terrier Westie Country/Date of origin: Scotland 1800’s Height: 10 to 11 inches Weight: 15 to 22 pounds Personality: The sunniest disposition in the terrier family. Choose your lifestyle and the Westie will happily adapt to it. One of the few terriers that does well with other pets. History: The West […]


Other names/Nicknames: Snap Dog Country/Date of origin: England 19th century Height: Females:  18 to 21 inches Males:  19 to 22 inches Weight: 28 pounds Personality: Gentle and affectionate. Gets along well with other dogs and indoor cats. Extraordinarily clean in its personal habits.  Almost cat-like. Adores being pampered. Intelligent and more trainable that most sighthounds. […]

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Other names/Nicknames: Korthals Griffon Country/Date of origin: France 1800’s Height: Females:  20 to 22 inches Males:  22 to 24 inches Weight: 50 to 60 pounds Personality: Affectionate with family and willing to please. High-strung, which can lead to timidness. Wary of strangers. Intelligent and trainable. History: This breed owes its existence to a Dutchman named […]

Yorkshire Terrier

Other names/Nicknames: Formerly called a Broken Haired Scotch Terrier Yorkie Country/Date of origin: England 1800’s Height: 7 to 9 inches Weight: Less than 7 pounds (some are a mere two pounds) Personality: Sweet and loving, the Yorkie is the ultimate lap dog. Loves to be pampered. Intelligent and willing to please. Tends to be noisy. […]