Drug Information

Trimethoprim with Sulfamethoxazole or Sulfadiazine

General Description: Trimethoprim sulfa is a n oral broad-spectrum antibiotic used in dogs and cats to treat many infections, including protozoal and skin infections. This medication can be given with or without food. Trimethoprim sulfa is available as an o ral paste or suspension, a powder or as tablets. What is this drug? Trimethoprim sulfa […]


General Description: Tylosin is a n oral macrolide antibiotic used in dogs and cats to treat many infections (ex. ear, respiratory, skin and genitourinary tract infections). Tylosin may also be used to treat some types of diarrhea. Tylosin is available as a powder which can be mixed with your pet’s food, or it can be […]


General Description : Ursodiol is a bile acid used in dogs and cats to treat certain liver and gallbladder diseases. It is commonly used also to manage gallstones that may contain cholesterol. Ursodiol is available in 300 mg capsules. What is this drug? A naturally-occurring bile acid (ursodeoxycholic acid) Given by mouth Reasons for prescribing: […]

Vitamin K

General Description : Vitamin K is used to help the body produce factors in the blood to aid in clotting and prevent bleeding. It is often used in rodent poisoning cases (anticoagulant rodenticides) that cause severe bleeding. What is this drug? Vitamin K or phytonadione stimulates the production (via the liver) of the clotting factor, […]


General Description : Warfarin is a blood thinner used to prevent the formation of blood clots in dogs and cats with circulation problems. Pets usually receive this drug once a day and will need to be carefully monitored for bleeding problems and anemia while taking this medication. This product may be provided to you as […]