Adrenal Gland Diseases – Addison’s

Addison’s Disease (hypoadrenocorticism) is a serious condition in which the adrenal glands do not produce enough cortisol and aldosterone.  Diagnosis of Addison’s is often made during a life threatening crisis, as the symptoms of chronic Addison’s can be mild, vague, and varied.  Cortisol and aldosterone are normal gluco- and mineralo- corticoid hormones in the body […]

Advances in Pet Identification
Advances in Pet Identification

Other Names/Nicknames: Monkey Terrier Country/Date of Origin: Germany 1600’s Height: 10 inches Weight: 7 to 8 pounds Personality: Loyal and devoted pal.  Tends to be a one-person dog. A mark of its terrier blood is the tendency for the Affenpinscher to become hyper excited. Headstrong and quite fearless against any size aggressor. Carries itself with […]

Afghan Hound

Other Names/Nicknames: Tazi Afghans Country/Date of Origin: Afghanistan 17th Century Height: Females:  24 to 26 inches Males:  26 to 28 inches Weight: 50 to 60 pounds Personality: Alert and aloof. Ignores strangers as if they are beneath acknowledgement. Reserved nature. Not particularly intelligent and can be difficult to train. History The Afghan originated in an […]


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 800,000 people seek medical treatment for dog-bite wounds each year.  Half of them are children.  Since dogs are man’s best friend, this statistic begs the question, “What causes the dogs implicated in these attacks to become aggressive in the first place?  Is the aggressive […]


Aggressive behavior by cats can be distressful and dangerous to their owners and other pets in the household.  There are numerous forms of feline aggression triggered by different causes.  Cats are semi-domesticated animals that revert to their wild instincts in times of play, social interaction, and stress.  Aggression should be dealt with early, rather than […]

Airedale Terrier

Other Names/Nicknames: Waterside Terrier Bingley Terrier Country/Date of Origin: England 19th century Height: 22 to 24 inches Weight: 44 to 50 pounds Personality: Legendary loyalty. Eager to please and learns easily. Fiery temper shows when around other dogs. History: The king of terriers was developed to hunt otter in Yorkshire, England.  It is the result […]

Airline Travel with Your Dog

Family vacations can become a whole new experience if the family dog is included in the excursion. However, for destinations requiring airline travel, it is essential to know some of the basic tips for working with the airlines in order to ensure a safe and rewarding travel experience for your family pet. As each airline […]


Other Names/Nicknames: Akita Inu Country/Date of Origin: Japan 1600’s Height: Females:  24 to 26 inches Males:  26 to 28 inches Weight: 75 to 110 pounds Personality: An aggressive breed that is not for first-time dog owners. Not trustworthy around other dogs or cats. A natural guard, and very possessive of both its family and property. […]