Yorkshire Terrier

Other names/Nicknames: Formerly called a Broken Haired Scotch Terrier Yorkie Country/Date of origin: England 1800’s Height: 7 to 9 inches Weight: Less than 7 pounds (some are a mere two pounds) Personality: Sweet and loving, the Yorkie is the ultimate lap dog. Loves to be pampered. Intelligent and willing to please. Tends to be noisy. […]

Your Aging Cat

With the advancements in nutrition and vaccinations available, cats can live a lot longer now days than even twenty years ago.  Indoor cats can easily live to be 15 to 18 years old, some even passing the twenty year mark.  That was not the case for previous generations of our feline friends.  Because indoor cats […]

Your Aging Dog

With advancements in nutrition, vaccinations, and preventive medicine, dogs can live a lot longer than they did in previous decades.  Older dogs can exhibit subtle symptoms that are easily written off as part of the normal aging process.  It is often overlooked that there are physical causes of these changes, and when recognized early, the […]

Zinc Toxicity

Zinc is found in many common household items and is very toxic when accidentally ingested by pets. It is a potent gastrointestinal irritant and causes hemolytic anemia, or red-blood cell destruction. Dogs and cats are equally susceptible to the toxic effects of zinc; however, cats with their discriminating tastes are less likely to ingest foreign […]

Zoonotic Diseases

Most organisms and viruses that cause diseases are very specialized to the species that they infect.  Diseases that can affect multiple species are overall fairly rare.  The ones that can be passed from animal to man are called zoonoses (zoe-uh-noe-sees).  Rabies is the most well known of the zoonotic diseases; and for good reason – […]

Zoonotic Diseases

Cats can sometimes be reservoirs of diseases that infect humans.  Most viruses and organisms that cause illness are species specific, meaning they are specially adapted to the host they infect.  When a disease is able to make the leap from a cat to a human, it is referred to as zoonotic.  Zoonoses (zoe-uh-noe-sees) include the […]